Treatment methods following suicidal self-administration of IV organophosphate: What can additional lipid administration change?

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Organic phosphor compounds are highly toxic and life-threatening compounds that are widely used in agriculture, households and gardens worldwide. While oral intakes are observed frequently, toxic effects can also be seen through contract or inhalation. However, toxic cases through the parenteral route have rarely been reported. We had three main aims: first, to present a male patient who self-administered 2 ml of monocrotophos intravenously to commit suicide. Our second goal was to present the current multiple treatment methods, such as fast general support, antidote treatment, lipid emulsion treatment, and plasmapheresis along with the literature. Third, we aimed to emphasize that with these treatments, patients' intensive care needs, intermediate symptoms, and hospitalization periods can be decreased and thus mortality and morbidity increase can be prevented.

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