The misleading electrocardiogram – Midventricular Takotsubo masquerading as anterior wall STEMI

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Midventricular Takotsubo cardiomyopathy (TC) is a relatively rare variant of stress induced cardiomyopathy, wherein there is akinesis of only the mid-ventricular segment with or without hyperkinesis of apical and basal ventricular segments. The ECG findings of TC typically do not include ST segment elevation in V1-V2 and are unlikely to be associated with reciprocal changes in inferior leads. The presence of these changes argues strongly in favor of anterior wall STEMI. In our patient, the ECG had changes strongly suggestive of STEMI, however had normal coronaries on cardiac catheterization. This case highlights the importance of carefully analyzing the ECG in emergency situations for differences between TC and STEMI and when in doubt, cardiac catheterization should be pursued.

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