Estimation and Preparation of the Hypervariable Regions I/II Templates for Mitochondrial DNA Typing From Human Bones and Teeth Remains Using Singleplex Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction

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A method was designed for estimating and sequencing of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) that effectively and more quickly provides a complete mtDNA profile. In this context, we have developed this novel strategy for typing mtDNA from 10 bones and teeth remains (3 months to 44 years). The quantification of mtDNA was achieved by singleplex real-time polymerase chain reaction of the hypervariable region I fragment (445 bp) and hypervariable region II fragment (617 bp). Combined with the melting curve analysis, we have determined as little as 10−4 pg of mtDNA template that is suitable for sequence analysis. Furthermore, quantitative polymerase chain reaction products were directly used for following step of mtDNA typing by Sanger sequencing. This method allows the profile to be completely provided for faster human identification.

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