Critical Evaluation of Metallization in Electric Injury

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The article presents 3 forensic medicine cases in the field of electric injury. In addition to traditional findings in electric injury (electric mark and histological findings), the forensic medicine experts in Lithuania also perform an atomic absorption spectrometry analysis. This method confirms the effects of electric current to the body through the electric conductor. Typical macroscopic finding in the skin is electric mark. Histologically, the damaged skin possesses characteristic features of thermal burns. The atomic absorption spectroscopy analysis identifies traces of metal particles devolved from the electrical conductor, which confirms a premortal contact with it. In one of our presented cases, the metallization was negative, although there were obvious data of electric current effect. This shows that it is not always worth to rely on the method of atomic absorption spectrometry analysis recognized worldwide in forensic medicine. The determination of electrical injury diagnosis requires a critical and comprehensive assessment of all the available data and laboratory tests.

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