Postmortem Cholesterol Levels in Peripheral Nerve Tissue: Preliminar Considerations on Interindividual and Intraindividual Variation

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The study reports the evolution of the demyelinization process based on cholesterol ([CHOL]) levels quantified in median nerve samples and collected at different times—from death from both right and left wrists. The statistical data show that the phenomenon evolves differently in the right and left nerves. Such a difference can reasonably be attributed to a different multicenter evolution of the demyelinization. For data analysis, the enrolled subjects were grouped by similar postmortem intervals (PMIs), considering 3 intervals: PMI < 48 hours, 48 hours < PMI < 78 hours, and PMI > 78 hours. Data obtained from tissue dissected within 48 hours of death allowed for a PMI estimation according to the following equations: PMI = 0.000 + 0.7623 [CHOL]right (R2 = 0.581) for the right wrist and PMI = 0.000 + 0.8911 [CHOL]left (R2 = 0.794) for the left wrist.

At present, this correlation cannot be considered to be definitive because of the limitation of the small size of the samples analyzed, because the differences in the sampling time and the interindividual and intraindividual variation may influence the demyelinization process.

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