A Fatal Outcome of Pica Syndrome: An Unusual Case of Delayed Mortality

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We present the case of a 42-year-old man, with a medical history of schizophrenic psychosis, who was found dead on the floor of his bedroom. At the autopsy, a bottle lid with a notched edge was found in the lower pharynx, partially obstructing the larynx and thus keeping the epiglottis in an open position. Airway obstruction was caused by edema and inflammation of the surrounding tissue. After removal of the foreign body, the tissue of the larynx was left with an impression of the bottle lid. The adjacent mucosa was swollen, hyperemic, partly necrotic, and covered with fibrin deposits. Also, foreign bodies were found in the stomach. The histological analysis of the hypopharynx showed severe nonspecific inflammation and necrosis of epithelium. The cause of death was a complication of subacute laryngeal obstruction caused by a foreign body.

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