Qualitative study of alcohol consumers who choose to avoid wine

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Background and Aims:

This study aimed to investigate the similarities and differences in the reasons why alcohol consumers choose to avoid purchasing or consuming wine across five countries, and to investigate similarities and differences across three generations.

Methods and Results:

Adults who consumed alcohol regularly, in healthy quantities, but rarely or never consumed wine were recruited from five countries and stratified into age groups. Online chat-based focus groups were conducted for each country and age group. Semantic themes were identified by applied thematic analysis. Three main categories were identified: complications with wine, cultural/social influences and wine characteristics. The reasons for avoiding wine were complex. Exceptions to this consensus were: people who disliked the taste of wine, and would not drink it under any circumstances; and the Indian participants who had a unique cultural experience with wine.


Taste was the primary reason for avoiding wine; however, social norms, personal experience and situations are also involved. The reported differences and similarities across countries and generations could assist the wine industry in targeting their marketing strategies.

Significance of the Study:

This is the first qualitative study to explore the reasons for avoiding wine in adults who consume alcohol across countries and generations.

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