Development of the Critical Care Pharmacotherapy Trials Network

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The development of the Critical Care Pharmacotherapy Trials Network (CCPTN) as a model for practice-based pharmacotherapy research is described.


The CCPTN was formed in 2010 as a collaborative research network dedicated to scientific investigation in the field of critical care pharmacotherapy. The CCPTN organizational structure is consistent with many professional pharmacy and interdisciplinary organizations and organized into 3 primary domains: executive committee, working committees, and network membership. The network membership consists of critical care investigators dedicated to the mission and vision of the CCPTN and is open to anyone expressing an interest in contributing to high-level research. Network member sites represent the breadth of U.S. critical care practice environments. In addition, network members include individuals with demonstrated expertise in patient safety, administration, research design, grantsmanship, database management, peer review, and scientific writing. In 2015, there were more than 100 site investigators from around the United States and Canada. Projects to date have yielded numerous abstracts, platform presentations, and peer-reviewed publications in high-impact journals. The CCPTN has expanded to form collaborations with researchers in the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. The CCPTN has identified new potential partnerships and field-based areas for inquiry. Numerous opportunities for continued growth and scientific inquiry in the field of critical care pharmacotherapy research exist for the CCPTN to foster in the coming years.


The CCPTN has been a successful model for practice-based pharmacotherapy research and assists its members in expanding critical care pharmacotherapy knowledge.

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