Nonpain Symptom Prevalence and Intensity of Inpatients With Moderate to Severe Cancer Pain in China

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To identify prevalence and severity of nonpain symptoms and to clarify possible influences on each nonpain symptom.


The study used a descriptive survey design. Chinese version of the Edmonton Symptom Assessment System was used. Patients' demographic and pain characteristics were collected.


The most common symptoms reported were loss of appetite (94.3%) followed by insomnia (93.3%), and tiredness (91.6%). Prevalence rates of nonpain symptom were all above 70% except “thinking clearly.” Prevalence and severity of nonpain symptoms varied by gender, age, primary cancer, and pain characteristics, especially intensity, number of breakthrough pain episodes per day, and number of pain sites.


Most inpatients with cancer pain experienced concurrent nonpain symptoms. Comprehensive symptom assessment and intervention managing multiple symptoms are essential for these inpatients.

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