A brave new world of information and communication for infection control professionals
Surgical wound infections diagnosed after discharge from hospital
Severity of illness scoring systems to adjust nosocomial infection rates
Use of the Internet for infection control and epidemiology
CDC and ATSDR electronic information resources for health officers
Double-u double-u double-u dot APIC dot org
The infection control information system of the Hospital Infections Program, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Developing a home page for the World Wide Web
Implementing antibiotic practice guidelines through computer-assisted decision support
Transmission of hepatitis C virus by a cardiac surgeon
Transmission of hepatitis B virus to multiple patients from a surgeon without evidence of inadequate infection control
Hepatitis Surveillance Report No. 56, 1995
Assessment of quality-of-life outcomes
Former U.S. Surgeon General C. Everett Koop Champions Information Technology for Health Care Applications
Global Evidence-based Decision Making
On-line Survey Assists with Understanding the Fole of the Internet in Health Care
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