Blunt and penetrating object injuries in housekeepers working in a Turkish university hospital

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Hospitals have been described as hazardous work environments with an increase in job-related injuries. This situation creates great risks and hazards for housekeepers while carrying out their job.


This descriptive study was performed on 402 housekeepers working in patient-care services in Turkey. The data of this study were collected using a questionnaire form. This form included 26 questions about general features of housekeepers and working units, blunt and penetrating object injuries in the past 3 months and hepatitis B virus immunization.


The majority of housekeepers (71.1%) are men, (54%) are graduates of primary school or are illiterate, and (73.6%) are married. Their mean age is 31.5 years; the mean length of employment is 3.2 years. Sixty-two point nine percent of them are working in medical/surgical units, 88.8% of them are working in routine cleaning, and 29.1% of them have been injured with various blunt and penetrating objects while working in hospital in the past 3 months. Only 26.6% of the housekeepers have been administered the hepatitis B vaccination.


This study showed a high frequency of blunt and penetrating object injuries in housekeepers. Therefore, more efforts are necessary to increase compliance with vaccination in housekeepers.

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