Use of an annual art competition to promote Web site traffic and engage children in antimicrobial stewardship in Pennsylvania

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HighlightsArt competition announcements were associated with increased traffic to a Web site devoted to antimicrobial stewardship and preventive activities.Providing incentives increased engagement in the art competition, which created interest in a Web site that promoted antimicrobial stewardship.Increased Web site usage correlated with competition announcements, suggesting that this method could be used to engage children and their caregivers in online public-health interventions.Advances in technology such as mobile applications could partially address the inherent limitation of reaching lower income populations who may be less likely to have computer access.We used Google Analytics to assess whether annual kids' art competitions changed traffic to a Web site on appropriate antibiotic use. We found that announcements about kids' art competitions correlated with increased traffic to the Web site, suggesting that this innovation has promise in promoting antimicrobial stewardship efforts.

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