Burkitt-Like Lymphoma Arising in the Thyroid Gland

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Introduction:Primary Burkitt lymphoma of the thyroid gland is exceptionally rare. This highly aggressive, potentially curable malignancy arises from B cells. It presents as a rapidly expanding thyroid mass causing compressive symptoms. This article reports a very rare occurrence of Burkitt-like lymphoma in the thyroid, a variant of Burkitt lymphoma.Methods:A 60-year-old white female developed a rapidly expanding thyroid mass associated with airway compression and difficulty in swallowing.Results:Fine needle aspiration and cytometry studies established the diagnosis of lymphoma. The patient underwent an incisional neck biopsy which confirmed the final diagnosis according to the latest World Health Organization criteria. It was successfully treated with 1 cycle of appropriate therapeutic chemotherapy.Conclusion:In patients with lymphoma diagnosed on fine needle aspiration, an incisional thyroid and bone marrow biopsies are required to aid in the diagnosis and assure the appropriate chemotherapy protocol.

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