BRAT1-related disease—identification of a patient without early lethality

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We present a patient with neonatal onset of hypertonia and seizures identified through whole exome sequencing to have compound heterozygous variants, c.294dupA (p.Leu99fs) and c.1925C>A (p.Ala642Glu), in the BRCA1-associated protein required for ATM activation-1 (BRAT1) gene. Variants in BRAT1 have been identified to cause lethal neonatal rigidity and multifocal seizure syndrome (OMIM# 614498), which consistently manifests a severe neurological phenotype that includes neonatal presentation of rigidity and hypertonia, microcephaly and arrested head growth, intractable seizures, absence of developmental progress, apneic episodes, and death usually by 6 months of age. Our patient initially had a similarly severe neurological picture but remains alive at 6 years of age, expanding the phenotype to include longer term survival and providing further insights into genotype-phenotype correlations and the natural history of this disease. © 2015 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

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