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On Rheumatic Fever
The Need for Greater Uniformity in Requirements
Glimpses of the Preparation and Work of Health Nurses in Jugoslavia
Side Lights on Over-Weight
The Tod Home
Part I—Syphilis
From the Days of Long Ago
Educational Background of 63,000 Students
Adult Education
Problems with Patients Having Basedow's Disease
The Patient
Collecting Specimens of Urine from Infants Harriet Lane Home for Invalid Children, Johns Hopkins Hospital
A Cloth Holder for Goggle Lenses
A Simple Method for Cleansing Diapers
Protecting Head and Eyes When Giving Heliotherapy
A Cover for an Ice Collar
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Nation-wide Returns on Grading
The Cost of Medical Care
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Opportunities in Communicable Disease Nursing
Scarlet Fever
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The Facts of Modern Medicine
A Textbook of Anatomy and Physiology