Peptic Ulcer. Its Treatment with Gastric Mucin
Mucin. The Technic of its Administration
Falling Hospital Salaries and Some Compensations
Dextrose in Ringer's Solution
Continuous Intravenous Infusions
Home-made Hecktograph
Hospital Inhospitality
The Seeing Eye, Incorporated
The Nursing Care of Typhoid Fever
An Improved Protective Device. For Use in the Treatment of Infantile Eczema
Practical Economics in the Hospital
The Pantheon de la Guerre. The Gratest Story Ever Told on Canvas
Unemployment Measures in Ohio
II. In Cincinnati
A Hand Medicine Cabinet. Some Newer Drugs
Miss Howell, Acting Dean at Western Reserve
Graduate Nursing in Rural Hospitals
Katharine DeWitt–Student Nurse, and Private Duty Nurse
Friends of Nursing. Dean Lucy Ward Stebbins
Quality Nurses in 1935
Nursing Education in Junior Colleges
Affiliations wit Junior Colleges in California
The Good Nurse
Our Contributors
Department of Red Cross Nursing. A Suggestion from Mississippi
“The Little Red Schoolhouse”
Problem XIII
The Green Letter
““Send Me to China”
Journals on Hand
Journals Wanted
Notes from Headquarters American Nurses' Association
The American Nurses' Association
Problems in Solutions
Behavior Aspects of Child Conduct
Planning Residence Halls
Modern General Anesthesia
Food in Health and Disease
Laboratory Technique
Physical Therapy for Nurses
Hygine of Community, School and Home
Pathology for Nurses
Blood Pressure