Surgery of the Heart
A Pericardiectomy
Suggestions to Schools of Nurisng Regarding Their Financial Programs
General Staff Nursing
Nursing the Prostatic
Feeding Problems of Ill Children
The Cause and Cure of Unemployment in the Nurisng Profession
Venoclysis for the Infant
Reminder Sheets in Ward Teaching
Hopeful Changes in Three Years
Improvised Equipment
History of the Delano Memorial
A Privte Duty Section
Narcotic System
Some State Secretaries
The League's Fortieth Anniversary
A Professional Gold Mine
Public Responsibility for the Education of Nurses
On to Paris
One Month of Public Helath
Economic Adjustments
Making the Best of It
What of the New Graduate?
A Journal Contest
Some Achievements in Nurisng
National League of Nursing Education Chicago, June 12–16, 1933
Isabel Hampton Robb Memorial Fund
Mclsaac Loan Fund
Army Nurse Corps
Navy Nurse Corps
U. S. Veterans Administration
U. S. Indian Service
State Boards of Examiners
State Associations
District and Alumnae News
Books Received