The Congress—and Nursing
Our Veterans Need More Nurses
D-Day Found Army Nurses Prepared
Rehabilitating Our Servicemen and Women
Trends in Planning Postwar College Programs
Facts and Trends in Psychiatric Nursing
Advanced Courses and Rural Patients
The Treatment of Syphilis and Gonorrhea As of Today
Some Recent Developments in Drug Therapy
Anesthesia—A Challenge to Nurses
Facts About Blue Cross Hospital Service Plans
Nursing Care as Related to Anesthesia
Red Cross Clubs in Australia
Paid Auxiliary Nursing Workers Employed in General Hospitals
Nursing in Mexico
Registry Relationships Clarified by WMC Order
Hospital Nursing Problems in Wartime
Paper Is a War Casualty
Fearless Eyes1
The ANA Section Meetings
Chair for Child with Congenital Hip Dislocation
A Guidance Program in a School of Nursing
Clinical Facilities
The Importance of the Nursing School Library in the Accelerated Program
Motion Picture Films and Slides
The Cadet Corps' First Birthday
News from National and State Nursing Councils
Convention Calendar
Public Health Nursing for August