The Nurse Behind the Service Nurse
Nursing in the Journal of the AMA
Thirty-seven Months as Prisoners of War
Filipino Nurses on Bataan
Psychoneurosis—A Summary for the Nurse
The Nursing Profession—: A Public Relations Viewpoint
Practical Suggestions
Nursing in the Other American Republics: The health and sanitation program of the Office of Inter-American Affairs
Nursing Care of Glaucoma Patients
TWI Can Help Solve Nurse Power Problems: New needs for on-the-job training in hospitals
Nursing Personnel Administration
Spinal Cord Injuries and the Stryker Frame
The Mental Rehabilitation of Patients with Spinal Cord Injuries
The Rochester School of Practical Nursing
Nursing in UNRRA Middle East Refugee Camps
Hospitalization Facilities for Women Veterans : In Veterans Administration Facilities
ANA Testimony on Proposed Draft Legislation
Army Nurses in the ETO
Present Types of Collegiate Schools of Nursing
Student Enrolments January 1, 1945 : From the Department of Studies, National League of Nursing Education
The Colleges and Nursing
Medical and Surgical Nursing : Suggestions for integrating the mental, social, and health aspects
The Detroit District Student Nurses Association
Finding Nurses for the Army and Navy
With Army and Navy Nurses
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Federal Government Nursing Services
State Board Examinations
The Veteran Comes Back.
Deafness and the Deaf in the United States.
Patients Have Families.
A Primer of Alumni Work.
The Embryology of Behavior: The Beginnings of the Human Mind.