Nursing—in 1947 and Beyond
Bedside Nursing in Our Time
The Health of All Peoples
The Patient and His Family
The Visitor Is Your Guest
A Public Relations Emissary
Preface to Co-ordinated Action
Nursing Plus
Present Status of the Rh Factor
Oxygen as Therapy
Emotional Aspects of Maternity Care
The Trading Post
Recruitment Has Been Good
Surgical Treatment of Arthritis
Case Discussions with Student Nurses
Social Security and the Nurse
Give Them This Day
Surgical Applications of Electrocoagulation
Physics—and Pressure
Harmful Effects of Mineral Oil
Air Sterilization
Obstetric Hemorrhage
My Child Has “Flat Feet”
Research and Nursing Education
A Guide for Nursery School Experience
More About Clinical Facilities
Graduations and Withdrawals in Class of 1947
Chronic Myocarditis
Student News
News from National Headquarters
Nursing School and College Programs
News from All Quarters'
About People You Know
Nursing in Other Countries
What State Associations Did in 1947
Federal Government Services
Convention Calendar
State Boards
Legal Aspects of Nursing
140 Million Patients
A Textbook of Surgery for Nurses
Orthopedic Surgery for Nurses Including Nursing Care
Synopsis of Obstetrics
Study Guide in Medical Nursing
Women Were Not Expected
The Victorian Order of Nurses for Canada