Adaptation for Survival
In Preparation for the Biennial Chicago, May 31-June 4
Modern Nursing, 1873–1948
Ten Commandments—Adapted from the Hippocratic Oath
Gastric Vagotomy Treatment of peptic ulcer by section of the vagus nerve to the stomach
Nursing Care in Gastric Vagotomy Postoperative complications may be prevented by careful nursing care with special attention to dietary regulation
Pyruvic Acid Paste for Burns Nursing problems arising in the care of burn patients treated with pyruvic acid paste
Organizing the Nursing Department to Serve the Patient
The Nightingale Communion Service A romantic episode in the early life of Miss Nightingale is responsible for a memorial to her at St. John's Church, Elora, Canada
Nursing for the Poliomyelitis Patient Nursing makes its contribution only as a co-operative effort with other professional services
Electric Shock Therapy Optimum benefit from convulsive therapy cannot be achieved without intelligent participation by the nurse in the entire treatment program
The Red Crescent School in Istanbul Turkish nurses are making every effort to expand and improve their professional schools in order to meet their country's needs
Pregnancy Complicating Diabetes Mellitus Medical and nursing care of the diabetic mother
Loosening Needles
Better Bandages
When Insulin Is Self-administered
From a Private Duty Nurse
Garter Belt for Prospective Mothers
Responsibilities of the Nurse in Industry Integrity, sound judgment, and professional maturity are required of the industrial nurse whether she works in a small plant or in a large industrial concern
Use of Radioactive Isotopes Diagnostic procedures employing radioactive substance require exactness of the nurse
Preparation of a Hospital Nursing Consultant The increasing demand for hospital nursing consultants makes it necessary to outline their functions and qualifications
State Legislation and Nursing,
The Taft-Hartley Act and the Nurse
Personnel Records for Graduate Nurses The experience of one hospital nursing service in developing a complete set of records for the graduate nursing staff
A Tentative Plan for One National Nursing Organization The Committee on Structure offers this plan as a basis for discussion and further development
Teaching Health Statistics Some new methods and technics for presenting to student nurses statistical data concerning health and sickness in a community
The Survey Method in Centralization Attitudes affecting the use of a survey in centralization of schools and community facilities
The Contribution of Physical Therapy to Nursing Education General considerations, suggestions for planning for instruction and experience in physical therapy, and methods for integrating physical therapy into nursing arts
Members of the Graduating Class.. A commencement address to an unseen, but, we are sure, not unresponsive audience
Student News Students and the Biennial
News from National Headquarters PCG-PS Offers Every Nurse A Unique Service
ANA Releases Economic Security Fact Sheet
Personnel and Employment Practices
State and District Association News
Robb Scholarship and McIsaac Loan Funds
News from All Quarters
Nursing in Other Countries
About People You Know
Convention Calendar
Miss Densford Replies To Mr. Davis
Streptomycin Sensitivity in Nursing Personnel
Glass Baby Food Containers
Sulfadiazine-streptomycin Combination for Undulant Fever
Limited Use of BCG Recommended
Help for Mothers of Blind Children
Post-encephalitic Behavior in Children
College Chemistry in Nursing Education
Diabetes Mellitus in General Practice