November Cover
Flexibility in Nursing Procedures
Up-to-Date Information
Need Sawdust for Beds?
Hypodermic Technic
Where Do We Fit In?
The Important Thing
Buttons for Uniforms
Safety Committee
Thanks for the December Issue
The Right Wheel Chair
Wettable DDT in Pediculosis
Reactions to Penicillin Inhalators
Does Television Damage the Eyes?
The Typical Home Accident
Ingrown Toenail
Your Shoes
All This and the Biennial Too
About People You Know
How Many “Nursing” Organizations?
The Patient's Spiritual Needs
The Roman Catholic Faith
Other Christian Faiths
Age, Marital Status, and Employment of Professional Registered Nurses
Congestive Heart Failure
Facts or False Notions
Some Unfinished Business in Nursing
Modern Venereal Disease Control
Looking Ahead with the Army Nurse Corps Reserve
A Study of the Care of Decubiti
A Central Service for Administering Penicillin
A State-wide Program for Cancer Nursing Institutes
Patience and an Old-fashioned Remedy
The Clinical Use of Blood and Blood Derivatives
Something New Has Been Added
Box Tray for Patients at Home
Hemostat Rack
Stain Remover
Hide That Drip!
Cloth Bag for Toilet Articles
Bed Hook for Urinals
Aerosol Therapy for Infants and Children
The Nurse and the National Mental Health Act
Dental Caries Can Be Prevented
Peripheral Vascular Disease in Diabetes Mellitus
Reallocation of Nursing Activities
The Medullary Nail
Proposed Revisions of ANA's Bylaws
Hospital Beds—North China Style
Educational Programs in Nursing Approved by the National Nursing Accrediting Service—1950
The Integrative Method of Teaching
Emerging Patterns in Student Organizations
Psychological Concepts of Personality Development
Diabetes Mellitus in Adolescence
News from National Headquarters
Nursing School and College Programs
News from All Quarters
Recent Meetings
Federal Government Nursing Services
Convention Calendar
State Boards
Measuring Nursing Resources
A Child's Eyes
Health Education in Schools
America's Health
Healthy Babies Are Happy Babies
Mosby's Comprehensive Review of Nursing
Administrative Behavior
The Rehabilitation of the Hemiplegic