Planned Parenthood
A Compliment
Nursing Care in Terminal Cancer
Memories of Miss Paimer
Laboratory Reports
Bibliography Cards Helpful
Attention All Men Nurses
The Journal Makes a Move
Intradermal Anesthesia for Labor Pains
New Method of Controlling Postoperative Pain
Surgical Scrub with Phisoderm and G-11
X-ray Treatment for Bone Metastasis
Nurses Memorial Chapel Opened at Westminster Abbey
About People You Know
Diphtheria as a Contagious Disease
Planning to Meet National Nursing Needs
Civilian nurses salute the Army Nurse Corps on its fiftieth anniversary. We work together toward the one goal of better nursing care for all
Mitral commissurotomy helps to prolong the life of the patient with mitral stenosis
These patients may be subject to serious physiological reactions and require skilled nursing care
Mobilization of Nurses for National Security
Progress in Structure Planning
Fifth White House Conference on Children and Youth
Regional Planning for Nursing Services
Classes in Human Relations
Nursing Care Following Exposure to Ionizing Radiation
Medical and Nursing Aspects of Atomic Explosion
British Nurses Prepare for Service with U. N. Forces
This Is Your Program of Research in Nursing Functions
Army Nurse Recruitment—State Quotas
An exchange for ingenious ideas about nursing
The Vertical Drape
Although they work in minute quantities, they control vital functions
This technic is particularly valuable in clinical teaching
Senior students explore the specialties open to the graduate professional nurse and gain an understanding of the scope of nursing
Nurse-Midwives in the Mountains
Nurses as Legislators
The Relief Housewife in Denmark
Studying a Problem in Psychiatric Nursing
Conversation with a Prospective Author
Seventh-day Adventist Schools of Nursing
Rational treatment calls for a clear understanding of causative factors
A Plan for Observation in Public Health Nursing
Central Supply Service
plasma Clot Technic for Nerve Repair
Anecdotal Records in the Operating Room
Eleven to Seven
What a Public Health Co-ordinator Does
The Influence of Miss Jackson
We Remodeled Our Nursing Arts Laboratory
Why not ask the person you have taught!
Essential Considerations for Federal
Educational Programs in Nursing Approved by
Patent Ductus Arteriosus
News copy must be in the Journal office no later than five weeks before the month of publication
Nursing Education Bill Introduced
State and District News
Jersey Nurses and Hospital Associations Adopt Employment Standards
News From All Quarters
Nursing Student WAVE Reserves Deferred
USPHS Nurse to Assist WHO With Survey Glides
Fandamentals of Chemistry and Applications
Manual of Counseling and Placement Mimeographed, approx
The Cardiac Child in School and Community
Some Contemporary Thinking about the Exceptional Child
The Sociology of the Patient
Occupational Therapy
Practical Statistics In Health and Medical Work
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