Taft-Hartley Changes Due
B.U. Nursing Faculty Claims Discrimination
Practitioners Cite Need for Third-Party Payments to Provide Health Care
ANA Supports Consumer, LPN Representation on State Boards in its New Guidelines
H-CAP Offers Nurses New Opportunities To Work Toward Legislative Goals
First Site Chosen for Curriculum Development
Student Nurses Meet in Salt Lake City; Launch Hypertension Screening Program
ANA Seeks Nursing Service Benefits Under National Health Insurance
Joint Impact Statement Issued on Nurse Commitment
HEW Funds Nursing Research at Virginia Commonwealth U.
Nurses Are Not ‘Physician Extenders,’ ANA Notes in Comments on NHSC Bill
Federal Loans, Scholarships to Nursing Students Total $47.3 Million
N.J. Nursing Practice Act Passes State Assembly
England's Nurses Rally
Nurses Settle Strike at Four Hawaii Hospitals
New Iowa Law Permits Collective Bargaining for Public Employees
ANA Urges House Subcommittee to Prevent Cuts in Health Professional Staff in MCH Program
Grant Helps Communities Better Serve Homosexuals
Virgin Island Nurses Gain CE Program Guarantee in Newly Signed Contract
Practitioner Program to Start in Arizona
CE Travel Conference Slated for October
License Renewal Change Due for Wis. Nursing Homes
New Federation Formed to Unify Nursing Voice
California Nurses May Soon See New Practice Act
USPHS Issues Warning
Ideas that Work
Counseling the Wife of an Alcoholic Spouse
Assessing Station and Gait
The Nurse and the Ventilator
Test Yourself
Nurses in Fiction
Empathic Resonance : A Countertransference Phenomenon
The ICN in the New World
Chronic Grief
On the Move with Micro-Teaching
Electronic Monitoring of the Fetus
Social Stimulation
the pumpers and the turkeys
The Last Night
How Patients Use a Logbook
Thursday Afternoon at Lunch
Nursing Practice Acts
Working with Dysphasic Patients
Drug Data
Medical Highlights
ANA Task Force Starts Work on Questions from Senate Committee on Skilled Nursing
Education Guidelines Issued for Geriatric Practitioner
ANA Gives Certification Examinations for Geriatric and Pediatric Nurses
Gerontology Papers Invited for International Meeting
First Board Exams Taken by Nurses to Certify in Occupational Health
AAIN Gives Formal Support to Voluntary CE Endorses the Equal Rights Amendment
ANA Offers Members Liability Program Covers Law Suits Arising from Practice
Texas District Fights Ruling on Employment of Unlicensed Nurses
New Nursing Program To Open in Iowa in 1976
Bulletin Award Winners Named by AJN Company
Workers in Drug Dispensing Programs Must Register Under New Federal Law
Georgia, Florida State Nurses Associations Negotiate Contracts for VA Hospital Nurses
HEW Funds Expanded Midwifery Program
New Process Yields Lactose-Free Milk
Study Shows Drug Monitoring Could Cut Costs
Health Teams Link Exercise to Rehab
Involuntary Mental Patients Must Receive Treatment, New Orleans Federal Appeals Court Upholds
Nurse Fights for Right To Go Capless
Rochester Study Focuses on Hypertensive Regimens
Nursing Education Building Named for Dean Oglevee
ANA Adds Two to Staff
Around the Country
Continuing Education
Classified Ads
Time Off