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Consequences of 12-Hour Shifts
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Rates of Premature Death Rise in Rural Counties
States Providing Inaccurate Clinical Information Before Abortion
Early Ingestion of Peanuts May Be Effective in Reducing Peanut Allergies
HPV Vaccine Linked to Steep Reduction of Virus in Teen Girls
Evidence-Based Care Is Highly Valued but Underused by Many Nurse Executives
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Violence Against Nurses in the Workplace
Praxbind Available as Antidote to Bleeding from Pradaxa
New Adjunct Therapy for Partial-Onset Seizures
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2.5 CE Test Hours
2.5 CE Test Hours
Nurses in the Civil Rights Movement
Securement and Dressing Devices for Central Venous Catheters
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Improving Access to Human Milk in the NICU (and Beyond)
A New Nurse's First Days at the Bedside
A False-Positive Screening Mammogram Suggests Higher Breast Cancer Risk
Long-Term Aspirin Use May Reduce Cancer Risk
Wheelchair-Bound Patients Who Exercise Can Prevent Further Disability
The Incidence of Dementia is Decreasing
I'm Not a Nurse, but My Mother Was