Two-component mini-implant as an efficient tool for orthognathic patients

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A new type of orthodontic mini-implant called the C-implant can be an effective alternative to conventional 1-component screws in orthognathic patients because of its particular design. Its small size and 2-component structure make it easily applicable for various types of difficult intermaxillary fixation cases such as 2-jaw orthognathic surgery, 1-jaw surgery with genioplasty, and orthognathic surgery without presurgical orthodontic treatment. The 2-part design highly resists fracture or deformation during placement and removal, and the long-span head allows the patient to easily attach intermaxillary elastics for traction. This mini-implant can be used not only as an intermaxillary fixation screw but also as anchorage during presurgical and postsurgical orthodontic treatment. Better osseointegration potential of the surface-treated screw part allows it to endure heavy and dynamic forces. In this article, we attempted to show that this mini-implant is a good tool for effective anchorage in presurgical treatment, intermaxillary fixation during surgery, and postsurgical treatment of orthognathic patients.

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