One-phase vs 2-phase treatment for developing Class III malocclusion: A comparison of identical twins

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Despite the known influence of early treatment on the facial appearance of growing patients with skeletal Class III malocclusion, few comparative reports on the long-term effects of different treatment regimens (1-phase vs 2-phase treatment) have been published. Uncertainty remains regarding the effects of early intervention on jaw growth and its effectiveness and efficiency in the long term. In this case report, we compared the effects of early orthodontic intervention as the first phase of a 2-phase treatment vs 1-phase fixed appliance treatment in identical twins over a period of 11 years. Facial and dental changes were recorded, and cephalometric superimpositions were made at 4 time points. In spite of the different treatment approaches, both patients showed identical dentofacial characteristics in the retention phase. Through this case report, we intended to clarify the benefits of undergoing 1-phase treatment against 2-phase treatment protocols for treating growing skeletal Class III patients.

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