Nonsurgical treatment of an adult with an open bite and large lower anterior facial height with edgewise appliances and temporary anchorage devices

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A woman was referred to the orthodontic clinic for treatment. She was diagnosed with a skeletal Class II malocclusion, a steep mandibular plane, and an anterior open bite. Conventional orthodontic treatment was considered to correct the maxillary protrusion and anterior open bite, but the patient also requested improvement of her facial esthetics. We therefore decided that nonsurgical treatment consisting of 4 premolar extractions combined with temporary anchorage devices was indicated. Satisfactory improvement of the overjet and overbite, and proper functional occlusion were obtained, resulting in a Class I molar relationship. Active treatment was completed in 2 years 10 months, and the result remained stable at 2 years 6 months after debonding.

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