Miniscrew-assisted customized lingual appliances for predictable treatment of skeletal Class II malocclusion with severe deep overbite and overjet

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This report describes the use of miniscrew-assisted customized lingual fixed appliances in a patient with severe skeletal Class II malocclusion. The patient was a 12-year-old Chinese girl with the chief complaint of protrusive lips and anterior teeth. Her diagnosis included a skeletal Class II relationship with maxillary protrusion, a backward-rotated mandible, a full Angle Class II molar relationship, and severe deep overjet and overbite. Four premolars were extracted, and miniscrew anchorage was placed in the maxillary posterior lingual segment to provide maximum anchorage and to achieve vertical control of the intruding molars. The customized lingual fixed appliance and temporary anchorage devices created a smooth and invisible treatment progress, resulting ultimately in a well-aligned dentition with ideal intercuspation and a dramatically improved profile. The 3-year follow-up examination indicated that the excellent treatment outcome was stable.

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