Nonsurgical treatment of an adult with a skeletal Class II gummy smile using zygomatic temporary anchorage devices and improved superelastic nickel-titanium alloy wires

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Patients with a severe gummy smile and a skeletal Class II profile are difficult to treat. This case report describes an effective treatment alternative for improving a gummy smile in a patient with a severe Class II molar relationship, severe crowding, and lip protrusion using zygomatic anchorage devices and improved superelastic nickel-titanium wires. A 36-year-old woman had an excessive overjet and a deep overbite with a bilateral Angle Class II molar relationship. The cephalometric analysis demonstrated a Class II skeletal relationship (ANB, 9.5°), retroclination of the mandible (FMA, 38.4°), and severe labial inclination of the mandibular incisors (IMPA, 101.9°). The main treatment objectives included normalizing the overjet and overbite, improving the gummy smile, and establishing a satisfactory occlusion. During treatment with fixed appliances, intrusion of the total maxillary dentition using skeletal anchorage and elimination of the bimaxillary protrusion were achieved. Improvement of the lateral profile and gummy smile enhanced facial esthetics. Intrusion and distalization of the maxillary dentition with skeletal anchorage and improved superelastic nickel-titanium wires provided a satisfactory dental occlusion, esthetic improvement, and adequate function. This approach should be considered as an alternative treatment option to orthognathic surgery for adults with high-angle skeletal Class II malocclusion and a gummy smile.HighlightsWe treated a skeletal Class II gummy smile case with distalization and intrusion of maxillary dentition.We used superelastic wires as working wires for the entire treatment.Treatment provided dramatic improvement in esthetics without apparent root resorption.This patient showed long-term stability after active treatment.

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