Three-camera setup to record simultaneously standardized high-definition video for smile analysis

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Introduction:Our objective was to develop a photographic setup that would simultaneously capture subjects' smiles from 3 views, both statically and dynamically, and develop a software to crop the produced video clip and slice the frames to study the smile at different stages.Methods:Facial images were made of 96 subjects, aged 18 to 28 years, in natural head position using a standardized setup of 3 digital single lens reflex cameras, with a reference sticker (10 × 10 mm) on the forehead of each subject. To test the reproducibility of the setup, 1 operator took 3 images of all subjects on the same day and on 3 different days in a subset of 26 subjects.Results:For the same-day observations, correlation coefficients varied between 0.87 and 0.93. For the observations on 3 different days, correlation coefficients were also high. The duplicate measurement error and the mean difference between measurements were small and not significant, pointing to good reliability.Conclusions:This new technique to capture standardized high-definition video and still images simultaneously from 3 positions is a reliable and practical tool. The technique is easy to learn and implement in the orthodontic office.HighlightsA 3-camera setup was develope to capture facial video and still images from 3 positions.Simplified software was develpe for analyzing different stages of the smile.The setup was a reliable and practical tool.The technique is easy to learn and implement in the orthodontic office.

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