Application of palatal plate for nonextraction treatment in an adolescent boy with severe overjet

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A modified C-palatal plate (MCPP) is introduced as a treatment option for adolescent patients with Class I malocclusion and severe overjet. A boy, 10 years 11 months old, was successfully treated without extractions in 22 months. Indications for clinical application of the MCPP as well as procedures and biomechanical analysis of the treatment effects are described in detail. The MCPP was used to distalize the maxillary dentition. The results were stable 1 year after retention. Clinicians should consider the application of MCPP as a nonextraction treatment option for adolescents with Class I malocclusion and severe overjet when the patient or parent refuses extractions.HighlightsModified C-palatal plate distalized the maxillary dentition in a 10-year-old boy.MCPP treatment corrected the severe overjet without extractions.Indications, procedures, and biomechanics of treatment with MCPP are discussed.MCPP is a valid treatment option for Class I malocclusion and severe overjet.

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