Orthodontic management of a patient with cherubism: A case report

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Introduction:The aim of this case report was to present the successful orthodontic treatment of an adolescent girl with cherubism.Methods:The patient began treatment after puberty. Necessary extractions were performed, and she had full-arch treatment of the maxillary and mandibular anterior teeth. A series of archwires was used in a timely manner to create an adequate arch form and close the interdental spaces. Once treatment was completed, retention was ensured with a maxillary spring aligner and mandibular fixed retainer.Results:Maxillary alignment and an adequate arch form were achieved, and mandibular treatment was limited to the anterior segment. The patient finished treatment with an esthetically pleasing smile.Conclusions:There have been few reports of orthodontic treatment for a patient with cherubism. This case report provides evidence that complete or limited orthodontic treatment can be provided to these patients to improve facial esthetics and bolster their self-esteem.HighlightsAn adolescent girl with cherubism was treated orthodontically.Maxillary alignment and adequate arch form were accomplished.Mandibular treatment was limited to the anterior segment.The patient finished with an esthetically pleasing smile.Complete or limited treatment can be provided to patients with cherubism.

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