Three-dimensional evaluation of open-bite patients treated with anterior elastics and curved archwires

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Introduction:One nonsurgical treatment method for a patient with open bite is to use curved nickel-titanium arches and anterior elastics. The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of this technique with cone-beam computed tomography.Methods:Eighteen open-bite patients' treatment records were used for this retrospective study. The treatment methods were identical for all patients, beginning with the levelling and alignment of the teeth and the placement of maxillary accentuated and mandibular reverse curved archwires with anterior elastics. Cone-beam tomography images were taken and analyzed 3 dimensionally. The paired-samples t test statistical analysis was performed.Results:A-point moved anteriorly (0.33 mm) and the SN-MP angle increased slightly (1.17°). Maxillary and mandibular incisors were extruded by 2.16 and 1.49 mm, respectively. Overbite increased (4.38 mm). There were no significant changes in the vertical parameters of the premolars and molars.Conclusions:The open bite was eliminated by retraction and extrusion of the anterior teeth while maintaining the vertical positions of the molars.

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