Subcutaneoscopic excision of external angular dermoid cyst in children without conspicuous scarring

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External angular dermoid cysts are benign lesions that are excised through an incision over the eyebrow. This leaves a visible scar that may not be cosmetically acceptable. Herein, we describe a minimally invasive subcutaneoscopic technique that involves placing incisions above the hairline to avoid scarring on the face.

Material and surgical technique:

This is a retrospective review of three consecutive cases of dermoid cysts. Each patient underwent subcutaneoscopic excision between March 2012 and September 2012. With the patient under general anesthesia, a 6-mm incision was made on the scalp above the hairline. After a wide subcutaneous tunnel was created, a 5-mm port with a 30° telescope was placed for an optical port. Insufflation was done with CO2 at pressure of 8 mmHg and flow rate of 1 L/min. Two para-optical stab incisions were used to insert a 3-mm Maryland dissector and a 3-mm hook for dissection. The cyst was excised and removed through one of the ports.


All three cases underwent successful subcutaneoscopic excision without the need for conversion. The mean operative time was 42 min. There were no complications, and all patients had excellent cosmesis. Subcutaneoscopic excision of dermoid cyst is a technically feasible procedure in pediatric patients, as demonstrated by our three cases. It provides excellent cosmesis and avoids scarring on the face.

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