Field “Expansion” by Use of Binocular Full-Field Reversed 1.3x Telescopic Spectacles: A Case Report

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Full-field reversed 1.3x telescopes were used in the treatment of a 63-year-old male retinitis pigmentosa (R.P.) patient with a 5° central field. The patient was highly motivated to “expand” his visual field. He was trained intensively with 1.3x, 1.7x, and 2.2x reversed telescopes prior to prescribing. Evaluations by the Orientation and Mobility staff indicated significant improvements in his functioning with the devices. The reversed telescopes expanded his field to approximately 14°. Patient has been reevaluated after using the aid at home and remains enthusiastic about his successful use of the aid. This case is notable in that binocular, low-power, full-field, reversed telescopes are being used successfully for mobility, eating, and other tasks.

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