Colocalization of Granulysin Protein Forms with Perforin and LAMP-1 in Decidual Lymphocytes During Early Pregnancy

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Granulysin (GNLY) occurs in two forms, which have molecular weights of 9 and 15 kDa. We analyzed the cytotoxic potential of decidual lymphocytes (DLs) and peripheral blood lymphocytes (PBLs) based on the forms of GNLY that colocalizes with perforin (PER) and LAMP-1 following activation.


The forms of GNLY were detected by using confocal microscopy. We investigated the colocalization with PER and LAMP-1 in freshly isolated and activated DLs and PBLs.


Activation of DLs and PBLs by K-562 cells increased the colocalization of 9 kDa GNLY with PER and LAMP-1. K-562 cells transfected with HLA-C decreased 9 kDa GNLY colocalization with PER in DLs only. IL-15 in DLs decreased 9 kDa GNLY and LAMP-1 colocalization, but increased both 15 kDa GNLY and LAMP-1, and PER and LAMP-1 colocalization.


Activated DLs and PBLs show greater cytotoxic potential based on increased colocalization of 9 kDa GNLY and PER. HLA-C and IL-15 affect DLs, indicating their role in maintaining the pregnancy tolerance.

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