Adapting a Parenting Intervention for Parents Aging Out of the Child Welfare System: A Systematic Approach to Expand the Reach of an Evidence-Based Intervention

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Parents aging out of the child welfare system face a constellation of unique risk factors that threaten the well-being of themselves and their children. Although parenting interventions are an important resource for providing much-needed services to parents aging out, there is currently a lack of evidence-based parenting interventions that address the unique needs of this population. The purpose of this project was to systematically adapt an evidence-based parenting intervention for parents aging out. An established adaptation framework was used to guide this process, and acceptability and feasibility outcomes were evaluated as part of a pilot study of the adapted intervention. Preliminary intervention adaptations included modifications to program delivery and program content. Study findings indicated a high level of parent satisfaction with the adapted intervention but challenges to feasibility because of inconsistent attendance and the substantial effort required for intervention delivery. This study constitutes a critical first step toward increasing the reach of evidence-based parenting interventions among parents aging out of the child welfare system and underscores the need for continued efforts to develop sustainable and effective parenting services for this at-risk population.

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