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Docs' Discussion is a regular feature of The American Journal of Otology. It represents a summary of an actual chart discussion at the House Ear Clinic (HEC) in Los Angeles. The following discussion was taped on December 10, 1990 and was edited by Drs. Clough Shelton and James Sheehy.

Present for the discussion were Drs. Howard House, James Sheehy, Antonio De la Cruz, John House, Ralph Nelson, William Luxford, Clough Shelton (moderator), and Fred Linthicum. Also present were Don Nielsen, Ph.D., William McFarland, Ph.D. (Audiology), and students of the Temporal Bone Surgical Dissection Course at the House Ear Institute.

Dr. Sheehy presented Cases 1 and 2, those of unusual dizziness. Case 3, presented by Dr. John House, illustrated that hearing aids work in some unlikely situations. Dr. Howard House presented Case 4, which also showed the utility of a hearing aid in an ear with minimal residual hearing. An otologic infection in an immunocompromised patient was the subject of Case 5, presented by Dr. Clough Shelton. Cases 6–8 were presented by both Drs. John House and Jim Sheehy and concerned perilymphatic fistulas. Pulsatile tinnitus was the subject of Case 9, presented by Dr. Ralph Nelson.

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