Protuberant Fibro-osseous Lesions of the Temporal Bone: A Unique Clinicopathologic Diagnosis

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The objective of the study was to describe the clinical presentation and treatment of exophytic fibro-osscous temporal bone lesions, a clinical entity never previously reported, and to consider the differential diagnosis.

Study Design:

The design of the study was a retrospective case review.


The setting was a tertiary referral center.


Two patients diagnosed with exophytic libro-osseous temporal bone lesions were included in the study.


The intervention used was suruical excision.

Main Outcome Measure:

The main outcome measures were clinical, radiographic, and histopathologic examination.


There was no evidence of recurrence at 15 and 17 months after surgery.


Although fibro-osseous lesions of the temporal bone have been previously reported, there have been no reported cases of an exophytic variant.

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