Vitamin E and platelets: Cooperative interactions with nitroblue tetrazolium on inhibition of adhesion, aggregation and secretion

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We have evaluated the influence of NBT, vitamin E, and the combination of NBT and vitamin E on the fine structure and biochemistry of platelets during incubation, and the effects of these compounds on the aggregation and secretion of platelets stimulated by collagen, thrombin, epinephrine, and ADP. Results demonstrate that NBT and vitamin E, rather than injuring platelets, appear to protect them during incubation. Together NBT and vitamin E blocked aggregation by epinephrine, collagen, and thrombin, but permitted a small first wave stimulated by ADP. This pattern of response to aggregating agents was similar to reactions observed in platelets pretreated with aspirin and indomethacin, both potent inhibitors of platelet prostaglandin synthesis.

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