Occult Malignancy in Neonatal Sacrococcygeal Teratomas: A Report from a Combined Pediatric Oncology Group and Children's Cancer Group Study

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Six children who had mature or immature sacrococcygeal teratomas diagnosed in the newborn period have since been registered on a Pediatric Oncology Group/Children's Cancer Group germ cell study with recurrent malignant neoplasia [pure yolk sac tumor (YST) or teratoma with yolk sac elements].


Four of the children have responded to therapy, one has died, and one has been lost to follow-up. Review of the slides from five of the original tumors identified microscopic foci of YST in four.


Detection of such foci in neonatal tumors is important because serum α-fetoprotein concentrations may not be helpful since they may normally be high in the newborn period due to fetal production.

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