Levodopa/Carbidopa to Improve Motor Function Subsequent to Brain Tumor Excision

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The aim of this study was to evaluate the role of levodopa/carbidopa as an augmenting agent to improve motor recovery after brain tumor excision.


This case report is structured as an n-of-1 style trial. The study patient was an outpatient with residual hemiparesis secondary to removal of benign oligoastrocytoma seen in an outpatient physiatry practice at an academic center. The study intervention was levodopa/carbidopa vs. placebo, combined with a structured 6-wk physiotherapy regimen. Outcomes were measured using the motor subscale of the Fugl-Meyer Assessment to assess for motor recovery.


The mean motor Fugl-Meyer Assessment score for the levodopa/carbidopa weeks was 6.90 points greater than the mean score for placebo. The results were significant at P < 0.05.


Levodopa/carbidopa may have a beneficial effect on improving motor recovery after sustaining a brain injury as a result of tumor excision.

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