Influence of Creatine Supplementation on Apoptosis Markers After Downhill Running in Middle-Aged Men: A Crossover Randomized, Double-Blind, and Placebo-Controlled Study

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ObjectiveStrenuous exercise can induce apoptosis in a variety of tissues. We investigated the effects of creatine loading on apoptosis markers after downhill running.DesignTwenty-two middle-aged men were randomly assigned to either a creatine or a placebo group. Crossover design, double-blind controlled supplementation was performed using 20 g/d−1 of creatine or maltodextrin for 7 days. Downhill running (12% incline) at 70% of heart rate maximum for 40 mins was performed on the eighth day. Blood samples were taken on the day before supplementation, after supplementation and after running.ResultsThere were no significant changes in the caspase-3, caspase-9, p53, Bax, and IGF-1 concentrations from presupplementation to postsupplementation in both groups of creatine and placebo (P > 0.05). There were significant increases (P < 0.05) in serum caspase-3, caspase-9, p53, and Bax after running in the placebo group. These markers were not noticeably changed in the creatine group (P > 0.05). Bcl-2 was unchanged in the placebo group but substantially increased (P < 0.05) in the creatine group. No significant changes were observed in IGF-1 concentration after running comparing to prerunning in both groups (P > 0.05). Lactate levels increased similarly in both groups (P < 0.05).ConclusionsThe findings indicate that creatine supplementation could prevent exercise-induced apoptotic markers.

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