Verticillium wilt resistant germplasm-release of clone LRC18-21 and derivatives

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Verticillium wilt is an important disease affecting potato tuber yield and quality. In North America the major commercial cultivars are susceptible, and management strategies for control rely mainly on soil fumigation and crop rotation. We describe a Solanum chacoense clone (LRC18-21) with single gene (Vc) resistance to Verticillium wilt as well as germplasm derived from the original clone. LRC18-21 (diploid S. cha-coense), LRC418-21 (tetraploid S. chacoense) and LRC373-5 (diploid S. tuberosum/chacoense hybrid) and LRC4373-5 (tetraploid S. tuberosum/chacoense hybrid) have been released to Potato Introduction Station (NRSP-6, Sturgeon Bay, WI) for distribution to interested parties. Transfer of the Vc gene to commercial cultivars could provide effective and economical control of verticillium wilt.

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