Lack of Association Between Autism and SLC25A12

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Autism has a strong, complex genetic component, most likely involving several genes. Multiple genomic screens have shown evidence suggesting linkage to chromosome 2q31–q33, which includes the SLC25A12 gene. Recently, an association between autism risk and two single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in SLC25A12 was reported. This study aimed to test for association in SLC25A12 in an independent data set of 327 families with autistic offspring.


The authors analyzed two SNPs that were significant in the previous study group, as well as seven additional SNPs within the gene. Association analyses for individual SNPs as well as haplotypes were performed.


There was no evidence of an association between SLC25A12 and autism.


These results suggest that SLC25A12 is not a major contributor to autism risk in these families.

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