Case report with ultrastructural analysis and literature review

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Laryngeal paraganglioma is an infrequently reported tumor; only 16 examples have been recorded in the Englisg literature. All but one laryngeal paraganglioma originated superiorly in the larynx; involvement of the ipsilaleral aryepiglottic fold is common. Male patients predominate (11:5). The average age of patients at the time of diagnosis was 47 years, and symptoms had been present for an average duration of 5.8 years (range 6 months to 27 years). Attempted biopsy has resulted in significant hemorrhage in three cases. As illustrated by the present case, the Grimelius argyrophil stain is a useful diagnostic procedure. Electron microscopy confirmed the presence of neuroseerelory granules with core diameters ranging from 110 to 140 nm. Surgical resection is the preferred treatment and has been possible in 14 cases; nine patients are alive and free of tumor for an average of 3 years. Compared to other head and neck paragangliomas. these have a more malignant course with a 25% mortality; tender subcutaneous metaslases are commonly observed in these patients.

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