Bone Marrow Findings in Multicentric Castleman Disease in HIV-negative Patients

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Because bone marrow histology in multicentric Castleman disease in human immunodeficiency virus-negative patients is not well reported, we investigated sequential bone marrow biopsies of 3 affected human immunodeficiency virus-negative patients, of which one was human herpes virus 8 (HHV8)-positive. The histologic evaluation of the bone marrow revealed lymphoid follicles with regressed germinal centers in 1 patient. Another patient showed tumorlike but bland polyclonal plasmacytosis with large perivascular plasma cell clusters. The HHV8-positive patient revealed interstitial HHV8-positive cells accompanied by a mild plasmacytosis. The atypical lymphoid follicles could be regarded as a bone marrow manifestation of multicentric Castleman disease, whereas the plasmacytosis most likely is the result of excess interleukin 6 production. The presence of HHV8-positive cells within the bone marrow may indicate the dissemination of the virus in a compromised immune system.

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