Multinodular and Vacuolating Neuronal Tumor: A Rare Seizure-associated Entity

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Multinodular and vacuolating neuronal tumor is a recently described seizure-associated entity with overlapping features of a malformative and neoplastic process. We report a case of multinodular and vacuolating neuronal tumor in a 29-year-old man with a history of recent headaches and complex partial seizures. Neuroimaging revealed a nonenhancing, T2 and T2 fluid-attenuated inversion recovery hyperintense multinodular lesion in the right temporal lobe. Lesional tissue demonstrated well-demarcated nodules of ganglioid cells with vacuolation of both the perikarya and the fibrillary neuropil-like background. The ganglioid cells showed weak cytoplasmic reactivity for synaptophysin and were nonreactive for neurofilament and chromogranin. CD34-positive stellate cells were present within the nodules. A 50-gene next-generation sequencing panel did not identify any somatic mutations in genomic DNA extracted from the tumor.

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