Ciprofloxacin as a Trigger for Bullous Pemphigoid: The Second Case in the Literature

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Drug-induced bullous pemphigoid (DIBP) has been reported to be an autoimmune bullous disease induced or precipitated by several drugs, immunopathologically similar to classic bullous pemphigoid. Several medications may not only cause DIBP, including diuretics, antiarrythmics–antihypertensives, and recently antitumor necrosis factor agents, other drugs as chloroquine, but also rarely by antibiotics as amoxicillin and penicillin. The authors present the third case of DIBP induced by quinolones and the second case of localized DIBP triggered by oral ciprofloxacin. A DIBP can be suspected in old patients when they add or change some drugs in their normal medication regimen.

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